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My Family

Thank you for checking out our page! I am Amy, Owner & Creator for Cavalier Obsession. 

My Husband, Danny, and I have 2 girls, Danielle & Rachel. We are in the Pre-Teen & Teenage years - please pray for us! Our family lives in a quiet area, about 30 miles north of Raleigh NC, surrounded by family farmland. 

Our dogs love laying at my feet during the workday & relaxing in bed every evening. Our girls are a major help with the dog chores! They are a lifesaver for sure!


While we've owned a few different breeds over the years (Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, Border Collie)…CKCS are my passion!

I can't say enough about the CKCS breed. They are everything in a package! The smartest, most loving companion you could own. 
We assist Kingston Cavaliers with her breeding program as well as have a few of our own that we breed. There are always exciting times in our home!

Starting Retail

I come from a line of sewers. With so many ideas running through my mind & seeing patterns in the stores, I just had to try retail!


My Grandmother made dresses for my siblings & I from the time we were born until about 13 when it was totally not cool anymore! HAHA! :)  Easter dress shopping was Grandma coming to visit & measure us for our dresses! I am still blessed to have my Grandmother in my life as she gracefully ages past the 90 year mark. She can still sew!!

My Mother learned to sew from Grandma of course. Mom has been making beautiful quilts, recently diving into t-shirt quilts. Between quilts she will mend all the grandchildren's clothes & toys (that includes grand-pups!).

-pic of us below (Mom, Grandma, Myself)-

We started 2021 planning items, trying patterns & making LOTS of changes! Finally, after months & months of work, we had our first release in May 2021. 

Working through this process, spending days upon days sewing next to Mom, has been an amazing opportunity. I'll never forget these moments doing something we both enjoy. Planning a business, going over ideas, laughing at silly mistakes as I learn from her...there's nothing to describe that feeling.

I could write pages about this experience, but I'll spare you with all the mussy & get back to what you can expect from us!


We have so many ideas to expand our accessories. As we've learned, it will take time! 

Your Product Creators, as pictured!


Mom: Renae Richard, Co-Creator

Clothing, pads/mats, quilts, blankets, drawstring bags are all made by Mom! She's a perfectionist so when I plan to release a new product, I've learned to give Mom a couple months’ notice so she can start on samples! She loves to see pictures of Pets wearing/using the items she makes. 

Grandma: Osa Marie Kimmer, matriarch

I have to mention Grandma. Mom & I may not be creating if not for her. Grandma sewed all her life. She worked in factories, sewing all sorts of things - like seats for Truckers. I always thought that was neat.

Excuse the mess. We are building our new space!

Me: Amy Marie Ellington, Owner & Creator - proudly named after Grandma

Bandanas, bows, leashes, collars are made by me. I love coming up with ideas and shopping for the fabric!

I also take care of all our marketing and social media.

Why Retail?
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